Roof Inspection

We perform pre- and post-roofing inspections and problem investigations.

If you are considering renovating or installing a new roof, you should start with a roof inspection. A roof inspection makes it easier to decide what needs to be done to ensure the roof lasts for many years. It is good that you check your roof yourself once or several times a year and not only when you are going to install or renovate it. This allows you to detect damage in time.

An inspection by our roofing experts

Looking for any damage.

Maybe the plate is rusty, or are there cracks in the cardboard? Have an unbiased inspector check the condition and condition of your roof now.

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Get a detailed and in-depth review of the roof.

A roof inspection is performed by an inspector who checks the entire roof and checks for any weak points in the roof. A roof inspection can also be performed after a roof has been fitted. This is to ensure that the work has been carried out correctly by those who commissioned the roof.