Roof Snow Removal


Snow on roofs can quickly become a serious problem.

Quebec winters are often harsh. This is why it is important to be prepared for the arrival of snow. In addition to damaging the roof or scratching the paint, snowstorms pose many dangers to your roof. In the long term, not clearing your roof is bad because you will have to pay much more for repairs, not to mention the stress that this can cause. At Silva Couvreurs, we are committed to providing quality snow removal safely and above all without damaging your roof. Your safety is a priority for us, which is why we are mindful of established safety standards. If you need advice or a snow removal service for your roof, Silva Couvreurs is the company to call.

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Contact us immediately or request a free quote for continuous roof snow removal service during the winter.

Avoid worrying about damage

Sign a snow removal contract for your roof in advance. We are also available 24 hours a day. Contact us and we'll tell you more about our roof snow removal services!


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